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Texting and Online Tips for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you are likely already thinking about ways to show the person who is important to you that you care. Even people who think that Valentine’s Day is an over-hyped, commercial holiday can appreciate the excuse to give their significant other something special, and if you are someone who is deeply invested in showing your loved one how you feel, don’t forget the all-important world of social media.
Social media pervades our lives, and if you use your Facebook and your texts as some …

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by Rachel Wilkerson
24 May 2010 | 8 Comments
Why I Don’t Believe in Free Love (Free Vs. Paid Dating Sites)

When it comes to online dating, there are many routes you can take, but one major option is choosing between a site you pay for or a free site.
The founder of OkCupid recently posted “Why You Should Never Pay for an Online Dating Site” on his blog. And I loved this article. I thought it made so much sense. It uses numbers to explain why Match.com is full of BS and actually doesn’t lead to a lot of relationships or marriages; he argues that people not finding love keeps sites …

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by Jeffrey Kishner
21 May 2010 | 3 Comments
Your Worst Date Ever?

We all know that dates can be awkward, boring, or just plain disastrous. Only in the future are we able to share our tales with friends for a good laugh. Talking about it can pop the bubble of shame or embarrassment we feel about the lows in our dating lives.
Our friends over at BadOnlineDates want to hear your worst dating stories. And they’re holding a contest with prizes – a $50 gift card, a “Worst Date Ever” T-shirt – to motivate you to participate! All you need to do …

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by Jordan Barnes
20 May 2010 | 14 Comments
How to Reply to an Im-Personal Ad (The NSA Hook Up)

So maybe it’s been a while, or maybe you’re feeling adventurous … but you’ve got to get laid. Luckily for you, Craigslist has taken the dangerous cruisey parks, the late night bars and the gas station bathrooms and put them all in one place: the net. NSA (no strings attached) hook ups, one night (or mid-afternoon) stands – whatever you want to call them – are literally at the edge of your fingertips.
If you’re ready to take the plunge though, there are certain things to be careful of. When replying …

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by Heather Guith
13 May 2010 | 5 Comments
To Tell the Truth: Should You Be Honest With Friends and Family About Meeting Online?

So you did the online dating thing, and surprise! You had some luck. Actually, you found someone you want to spend your time – and maybe even forever – with. Congrats! Now comes the tricky part. If you haven’t already told your friends and family that you met on the Internet, are you going to? And how will you do it?
We talk about online dating here so much that it seems like the norm. And truthfully, it is becoming much more common. But …

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by Beth Turnage
10 May 2010 | 2 Comments
Creating an Online Dating Profile: Don’t Bomb Out Before You Start Out

In the Dark Ages, before the Internet, it used to be that if you wanted to meet people to date, you would try the local bar or club. If that didn’t appeal to you, you could try a personals ad in a newspaper. Finding potential mates in a drinking establishment speaks for itself, and may partly account for the increasing divorce rate in the last part of the last century. A personals ad was a different kind of animal. It was a costly proposition, since newspapers liked to charge per …