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Shorter, Fatter, Balder: Men’s misleading online profiles

26 June 2009 46 Comments by Simone Grant

shorter-fatter-balderIt happens all the time. Women who are new to online dating complain, in outrage, about some guy who turned out to be an inch or two shorter — or a few pounds heavier — than he claimed in his profile. Well, I’m here to tell you ladies to get used to it. It’s my experience that the majority of men lie in their profiles. (Maybe a majority of women, too? I don’t have any experience dating women, so I wouldn’t know.) After almost a decade of online dating experience, I can say with absolute certainty that men are pretty insecure when it comes to their appearance. And that they’re shameless liars. I’ve talked with quite a few guys about this (friends, ex-boyfriends), and what they tell me is that they feel pressured to lie because everyone else is doing it.

Now, I kind of feel that that’s a load of crap, but that’s what’s happening. So much so that I’ve just started to expect all of the men I meet online to be shorter, fatter and balder than they are in their online profile/pictures. This becomes more extreme as the guys get older. Shorter is the biggest issue for the ones in their 20s, and then they get fatter and balder (than their pics) through their 30s and 40s.

You see, I feel it’s important to have realistic expectations, and when it comes to a first date with a guy I’ve met online, I feel like the realistic thing to expect is for him to not look much like his picture. This way, I’m not disappointed.

I know, this doesn’t quite seem fair or right. I post recent pictures of myself with my profile. And I always advise everyone, men and women, to use recent photos. But life isn’t always fair, and people don’t always play by the rules.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about what happens when Mr. Shorter/Fatter walks into the bar (as just happened to me the other night — in this case, he still had a full head of hair, but was a good 30 pounds heavier than his profile picture suggested). As far as I’m concerned, there is only one mature way to deal with this — smile. Smile and act like everything is fine. As a smart woman, you’ve gone into the date with the knowledge that his picture and profile might be misleading, so there’s no excuse to be rude or to say anything about the fact that you expected him to be taller or thinner. Just smile and be polite and make some pleasant conversation. What’s the worst that can happen — you spend 20 minutes with someone you’re not interested in? Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend.

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  • MrMassolo said:

    Ahh, a true misandrist speaks out. No polling the female side, but the requirement excused by a flippant “I don’t have any experience dating women”, as an excuse to not interview the other side. Great reporting skills Sweetie! You should have a job at the NY Times shortly. I do concur though, that men gain at least 2 inches in their ads. But women are to blame as well, if not more. They’ll post a pic from Glamor Shots, looking better than they ever will, lie about their weight, and lie about being “easy going” or having a sense of humor. Then you have to read their 3 paragraphs of requirements and dislikes, to hopefully glean the truth about them, which is impossible as there is nothing more sincere that a woman lying to you. The reason I dropped off the online dating circuit is that there are too many highly judgmental women out there, with a myriad of psychological disorders, all wanting “Mr. Perfect” that they read about in Cosmo. Guys, stay away from online dating. Go do what you like to do, and stop looking, then you’ll find someone. Taking Rosey Palm out is a lot more satisfying that sitting across from some lying misandrist, that really only wants to tolerate you for your income. And you don’t have to watch her inhale the most expensive item on the menu, as she tells you how great she is. :)

  • Sandy said:

    In response to Mr Massolo: Your response to the article gave me a good chuckle. I’m sure there are female offenders as well, but I am not one of them. I believe there are both honest people and people who misrepresent themselves in both genders. Unfortunately, your advice to go do what you like to do is not always helpful. For example, I like to dance but don’t typically meet any suitable men when I do so. The average age in the clubs is about 27, and I’m 41. I suppose if I like sports more, I might have a better chance. Anyway, I enjoyed your comment as it was much more intelligent than most. :)

  • me said:

    yea ive experienced that, its like real life, u dont want wat u look like to get in the way of who u are. when u love someone, u love them, not wat they look like, your not marrying there body, your marrying them. honesty is best, i dont lie myself. but i dont go all out to make myself look horrible. being truthful works both ways. im not shallow myself. personaly i dont care wat anyone looks like if there a good person. but this is all just my personal opinion.

  • Emmet said:

    1st off – I’ll be straightforward in that yes I did find someone online (still with her, 18 months now) but it wasn’t from a site with profiles. I have however been on dates from free sites where you have a profile and here’s my 1 enormous observation on this whole picture thing – some people (both men & women) won’t necessarilly tell you what they look like AND they’ll only have pictures from their neck up. It’s not always the case – but a lot of times it means the person is insecure about their body and how others perceive it. It’s kinda sad in a sense – there are plenty of people out there that know there’s more to a person than physical appearance, but that easily gets forgotten and that’s why people hide things in pictures online quite often. Personally, I’ve gone on dates where this happened and I’m disappointed in a sense that I was misled to a certain extent – but I do understand why the girl hid it.

  • edwin said:

    i agree with Mr massolo as to women lying and demanding mr perfect while they seem to have misplaced the decimal point (a few extra pounds) should read a few extra tons.yet she wont settle for anything less than a chiseled greek god with a six figure bank account with a full staff at his mansion…

  • Rachel said:

    I understand. I have also had people who were too good to be true on web sites. Either the guy was shorter or heavier, or had some other aspects that were unmentionable, one guy was willing to ride to a obstetrics appointment with me but then said something on the ride back that freaked me out, he was like, Oh you like that park over there? Thats where I am going to hide your body. He thought it was hillarious, but I was wondering where I had put the box cutter I had in my bag.

    Fact is, you dont know what you have until you have it. Each situation is different and you should try to be open minded to getting a bit of unexpected suprise when searching online.

    I find its best to mention that you are a big girl and you dont mean that you are grown up and leave it at that. Its straightforward without having to break out the measuring tape and lets the guy know that he is not going to be seeing a hooter girl. Men tend to think every girl they talk to IS a hooter girl unless you make sure that you specify that your NOT. Real love is accepting and loving others for everything they are. You can be with a bombshell and she can screw you out of your paycheck and your heart and your kids and blow up your life, or you can love a real girl who will love you back. Remember that.

  • Bobby said:

    From my experiences men are not the only online liars. I met 28 women from the cyber world in 2.5 years. Only 1 was close to being honest about herself. Been with her for 23 months and we really enjoy being with each other. You can find someone with whom you match online but you’re truly looking for someone special it’s a demanding job.

  • So, I’m Gonna Go There | Sex, Lies & Dating in the City said:

    [...] I’ve said many times, and written about here and elsewhere, I pretty much expect these kinds of lies from guys.  And the men who lie have stopped feeling [...]

  • Rob said:

    I find that women have this misconception about what men are really looking for in a woman. They have these insecurities about their body because they think men are looking for a size 0 Heidi Klum look-alike. Truth is that while we don’t mind looking at Heidi (and sometimes making lewd comments about her) we are much more interested in a “real” woman with some character and flaws. Some guys like a little “junk in the trunk”, I favor a woman with some actual hips, and some guys are into a woman not so well endowed in the chest area – it takes all types. So I would encourage women who choose to do the online dating thing to show full body shots (and men should do the same) because we value honesty more than the perfect bod (at least most of us do).

  • J. Worthington said:

    It goes both ways…I’ve met some women that were a little heavier than they led on. During the whole process I looked at ‘soft-focus’, close-cropped photos of them, and I didn’t find out they were big girls with bad teeth and nappy hair until I showed up at the restaurant/bar.

    It is probably more important (however) to be open minded…I have seen photos that were close-cropped knowing that the girl was full-figured but I went to meet them anyway (because you never know). I am dating a girl now that is great and maybe some guys would call her “heavy” and maybe the 6th grade version of me wouldn’t find her attractive (because she doesn’t look like Stephanie Seymour or Cindy Crawford), but I like to think I’ve matured. I wish more of the women I had met while I was on-line would have been more mature and quit thinking to themselves “Oh, this guy is not 6’4″ and a chiseled greek god…no thanks!”

  • Richard said:

    Most men lie…typical. I have gone out with women on different dating sites…they say they are average build…more like 40lbs over weight. Come on it works both ways. Women lie as much as men…I especially love the world famous cleavage shot…What is with that…we know you have them. Also, the photo with the best looking guy you could fine pic. Be honest

  • Too Honest said:

    I didn’t lie. So I guess that’s why women think I am far worse than my pofile? Look at women’s profiles, they stupidly include 15 to 20 years younger pics that show me what I’d much rather have. And they think I can’t tell by their fat face that they are now 75lbs heavier?

    Face it most people are on line and say that they are tired of the bar scene because they can’t cut it any more. They are no longer attractive so they think they can fool some poor sucker on line who would never look at them in public.

    It doesn’t work. Don’t bother. Lose weight, get work done, go to therapy, then go out and find people easily.

  • Sophia said:

    True. Men and women are both most certainly guilty of lying about their physical appearances. Most people are insecure. However, men are just as guilty as women are of having unrealistic ideals of the type of person they want to date.

  • Marco said:

    Haha. Good, I am glad now both sides have lied. I knew women do not want me when I was single and on dating sites. They did not want me because I am too short. And I have gray hair since age 18!! Go figure! Before the net dating scene, I was trying to find someone in person and the women avoided me because I am short, a little thinner than I am now.. but has been mostly 160 to 175 through the years.. um,… and of course, gray hair since 18.. They even told my own brother that they thought I was his father!! Oh come on!! Why can not they ask me how old I am and TRY me! Well, they failed me and I got stuck marrying an OLDER woman because the younger ones and my age are so immature!! Yes, even 40 years olds!! Usually over 40 since 18 interested in me. I wanted to marry younger and have kids. Now, I cant thanks to those jerks out there!

    I was so honest on my profiles… more recent pic, my height of 5 feet 3, gray hair, etc.. often I check on their dating websites, I see older women look at my profile!! Where is the younger ones.. Perhaps the Filippinas?? Yes, those young filippinas were interested in me.. I am like 12,000 miles from them!! Geez!

    The other problem was that the ladies set their requirement to strict and usually I am excluded from their search. I had enough and I met my wife who is older at a singles dance! I had enough of BS from women out there so I married an older one.. Not too happy about that but happy to end the singlehood.

    Thanks alot ladies!! GROW UP! You will be sorry when you pass the beauty of your life!! Have a good life ladies!! I wish you all the luck!! PFFFT!

  • Karl said:

    @Marco I think the problem is not the ladies, it’s you. I feel bad for your wife. Sounds like she settled for a jerk.

  • porthos said:

    Articles like these crack me up. Women are oh so quick to paint all men with the same brush but if a man dares say anything negative about a woman, they pounce on him for being a shallow, sexist, pig. I tried online dating on and off for a few years and I never lied or exaggerated about anything in my profile. I personally hate it when people lie to me so I made sure that I was honest and didn’t stretch the truth in my profile.

    After reading over countless profiles of single women – all of whom claim that looks don’t really matter to them – and sending dozens upon dozens of messages to women I felt I had something in common with, do you want to know how many women I met? Zero, zip, zilch. You see, on a good day I’d say my looks are below average so I know that I’ve got to work harder than the brad pitt’s of the world in order to meet new people. I’m not exactly thrilled about that, but that’s life.

    At this point I’m sure that most women’s defense mechanism kicks in and the need to shift the blame comes out. Surely, I must have been contacting only the hot women, right? Nope. Well then, my profile must’ve been nothing but 1000 words of me whining and complaining that my life sucks. Again, no. I must have some bizarre hobby like eating live bugs or something, right? Not even close. I’m not perfect by any means, and I don’t expect anyone else to be perfect either.

    I made an honest effort to meet women that I thought I would have something in common with, and no one was interested. In fact, most women wouldn’t even bother to respond. I wasn’t one of those crazy guys that would send a million e-mails, stalk the girl, or send a nude pic of myself – I was a single guy looking to meet a single girl. So, based on my experience, women are infinitely more shallow than men. They say that looks don’t matter to them, and it’s what’s inside that counts, but I’ve had too much experience that tells me otherwise.

  • Shortie Magnet said:

    Haha, this is too funny!
    I’ve been trying the online dating for a few months now, and the height thing seems to be true. I’m a tall woman, and I feel uncomfortable going out with a guy who’s shorter than me. The funniest story I have is this guy who said he was 5’8″. I was willing to compromise the fact that he was 1 inch shorter than me because he seemed cool. Well, he shows up in the date and oh boy! if he’s 5’5″ I’m being kind (yeah, this is adding the little boost from his boots)… really, MIDGET MATERIAL! I mean, WTF?

    I understood why men complain about girls lying about their weight.
    I don’t lie, but I see the point of their complain now. Although he’s a nice guy, I couldn’t get over the fact that he was just so tiny.

    Please guys, if you’re short… just say so!

  • Carmela said:

    I like short guys, nothing wrong with being a shorty ( i’m 5.6)

  • Dustin said:

    I have tried online dating and women play so many mind games it is childish and immature. I gave up on trying to date online because it seems like the only women I can find all they want to do is have a sexual relationship.

  • He Who Is Me said:

    The lies on both sides are the result of people believing that the will be eliminated from consideration if they fail to meet some all-but-impossible beauty standard created by the popular media (TV, movies, magazines). As one reads the responses to the article, it seems that the ugly truth is that the fear is well founded. To the men who will let kind, loyal, intelligent, hilarious fat women slip through their hands, I urge you to consider that the Hooters waitress will definitely age, and probably plump up. You will probably not be rich enough to attract another one at that time, and you’ll wish you were with someone you liked more, and who liked you back. Same thing to the ladies–ok, he won’t shorten as he ages, but do you really want to wake up every day with someone whose very best quality is being tall?

    The suggestion above that a person should just go and do things they enjoy (or in which they have an interest) and strike up friendships with people they meet there is probably the smartest thing I’ve seen in this thread. It seems to me that if a relationship actually starts with the REALITY of “Friendship first” (instead of just being dating code for “I won’t sleep with you until the third date”) it will have a much more solid foundation than “She looked hot/he was tall and drove a car that made him seem rich.”

    I’m just sayin’…

  • Kay said:

    The past two blind dates I allowed myself to be introduced to, were older, heavier, balder, and annoying as in they were trying too hard to win me over. This came across as desperation. Women like a bit of a challenge, too… One guy had his massive dog with him which passed gas the whole time. At least he said it was the dog….lol….. the other guy watched my backside way too obviously and too frequently. These two men were way into their 50′s and should have acted better, showed some manners, and some class.

  • adkhiker said:

    I’ve been using online dating sites on and off for about 10 years now, and I’ve found it’s nearly always the case that you need to bump a woman into the next heavier weight category. A self-described “Slender” woman is usually a healthy weight, an “Average” woman is about 30 lbs overweight, etc. I have learned to live with it. I am not looking for a fitness goddess, but I am an active person and am looking for someone who can keep up with me.

    I would find it more likely that men would lie about their income (which I do not), and I have heard several women justifiably complain about that.

    Several posters have mentioned the headshot-only profile phenom, and I totally agree. Seeing a profile with an artistic headshot as the only photo is a turnoff on several different levels.

    @He Who Is Me; I totally agree!

  • Glenn said:

    I tried online dating after my divorce and ran into the same problem. I chatted with a woman for about a month and even got her to tell me her physical description (5’8, thick, a little poundage but not fat, long blondish hair, and very curvy). Eventually we set up a time for me to pick her up and go out. When i got to her place, i called to let her know i was pulling up. She was reluctant to come out because she was afraid that i wouldnt like her. Eventually after about 10 min of nudging, i finally convinced her to come outside and OMG. She was NOT at all what she described herself to be. She was about 5’2 and not 5’8. She was a behemoth, not the “little poundage but not fat.” her hair was not blonde, it was brunette. Simply put, she was a beach ball with arms. I made an excuse to leave and i never spoke to her again. Apparently her sister lied to someone too about how she looked and was actually ditched in the middle of her dinner date.

    I was reluctant to try this dating online again for quite a while. I took a chance and met my current girlfriend on a site. We have been dating for almost a year now and i plan to propose to her on our 1 year anniversary at the park where we first met in person.

  • Teddy C said:

    Is the photo for the article supposed to be the your idea of the most unappealing man? Unbelievable

  • Jay said:

    Let’s be honest,unless your physically attracted to someone your not going to approach them,so when someone posts a picture that is 5 or 10 years old or worse not even them and you meet,your kinda pissed.That’s just starting out with lies,i know there personality is more important,but you have to be attracted to them first…Just my opinion…

  • Kris said:

    Lets face the truth..everyone fibs a little. BUT it can get out of hand…case in point…Im 44 now, and thats not a fib… but when I was younger around 23 or do, back when the tandy 1000 was in…I started a conversation with a guy who was about 27. He said he was about 180, 6ft tall. Even sent me a picture via snail mail. I went up to meet him and when he opened the door I almost fell on the ground. not 180…about 350 and the pic was a graduation pic from HS. Nice guy..the truth of the matter is the problem was that he lied to me, not that he was 350. So..fast forward to recent. I have met a lot on the personals and none have lied to me. My pics on there were of last year and yes, Ive put on a couple of pounds but didnt change the pics because I dont like to take pics. Not all have turned out to be “love” but they are all friends still. The is a silver lining…I have met someone and the “click” is there. Just tell the truth…that goes for men and women.

  • Kirk said:

    Or, instead of perusing online profiles, you could be an active, participatory member of your community and social circles, putting yourself in a position to meet someone. I clicked on this article for a laugh, and I have to say, I got it. Not as much from the reviewer, but moreso from the childish banter of man-hating/woman-hating that ensued. Seriously, what is it that makes going out and enjoying life so hard? Is it the time commitment? The financial commitment? Get over yourselves, get out of the house/office, and have FUN. Who knows – you might just meet somebody you don’t immediately judge.

  • James Curtis said:

    Nice article and very true. I will just have to say it’s equal on the other side. I dated online for about three years from 2002 – 2005. I actually did end up meeting my wife there and we’ve been happily married for two years. However, I will say that out of the 30 – 35 women I met online, only about 8 or 9 actually were EXACTLY who and what they said they were. The rest lied. It ranged from their “looks” (those without photos – which were only a few) to age and most common…weight. “Oh, I’m medium build…5’4″ and curvy…” etc etc. This usually meant I’m 5’4″ and 210. After 2 out of 3 women I met without pictures “lying like a rug” about their looks, I decided never to meet a woman without a photo again. Then, I had to go through the string of women with just the “face” photo. The vast majority lied about their weight again. Some even lied about things as silly as their breast size. “I’m 5’5″, curvy and busty”. I’d get to the restaurant, mall or whatever, and the only thing they had right was the 5’5″. Sorry ladies, but 5’5″, 195 pounds and a 40B is not busty…it means you’re fat and have “moobs”. I always had my exact height, weight, eye color, hair color (which was normally “none”, since I was losing my hair and kept my head shaved) and photos of my face close up, and various photos of me standing up…next to other people…etc. There was no question I was 5’11″, bald, blue eyes and 215. I felt that if someone wasn’t interested in me as I was, then they would be even LESS interested after meeting me in person. Ladies (or gentlemen), PLEASE give up lying. It’s so pathetic and oh dummies…ALL LIES will be found out as soon as you meet up…especially if they’re about your looks, hair, eyes, weight, etc. “Oh, I must have gained 40 pounds on the way over here…I don’t know what happened! :)

  • Joanne said:

    All I’m going to say to all this is…. Men are looking for Ms. Right which means right looks, right body.. Just right.. However, Mr. Right is someone who can give them financial security. I’m not saying all to either one, but for the ones that are guilty of this, you know who you are..

  • trb937 said:

    What a copout! I may choose to not be rude because I’m not a mean person, but misrepresenting yourself because everyone else does it? Seriously, I have gone on ONE date where the man did not look like his picture. ONE. everyone does NOT lie. Maybe I just got lucky- I even had two guys admit they had used the best picture they have ever taken on their profile and then submit a more realistic picture to be sure I wouldn’t be mad when I met them. They realistic pictures may weren’t Christmas card material- but they still looked the same height, weight. age as the profile pic. Just so ya’ know. I met my husband on dating site. His picture was not that great because of the angle but I got to be happy that he looked better then what I was expecting instead of worse.

    The real issue is that a person would be so insecure they think they have to lie to get a date. That is a turnoff all on its own.

  • Bill said:

    I assure you, the majority of women lie in their profiles too.

    I have gone out on dates with girls that were at least 2x the body mass as their pictures indicated, or who described themself as “well i’m not a barbie,” and were 200lbs +.

    I always demand current full body pix now.

  • Bill said:

    PS, i have about 50 pix on my profile.

    Because i’m a narcissist, and i’m hot… ;)


  • Smartacus said:

    I definitely agree with the majority of the fellas on this one.Women online lie about everything from their weight to their marital status.There is no substitute for meeting a woman in real life and going from there.Think about this.Women using dating sites are not just having trouble finding a husband,or finding a boyfriend,they are incapable of finding a DATE.All the men they run into at work,school,the supermarket,church,synagogue,while commuting etc.,are 100% not interested in taking them out even for just dinner and a movie.That speaks volumes.And yet,the majority of these desperate bottom feeders all have the same exacting crieria for men.Over six feet tall,six pack abs,at least six figure income,never married,no kids,full head of hair with no grey,and white collar employment.Ladies,you only attract what you are.So if only losers are attracted to you,it might be time to take a long hard look in the mirror.

  • Mae said:

    I tried online dating for less than 48 hours. As I was making my profile (I’m a woman) my friend flipped out when I tried to describe myself as curvy (I have an hour glass figure and am 20 pounds more than I was at a perfect figure but I’m tall). My dilemma was whether I should say I have a few extra. My friend’s dilemma was that in no way should I describe myself as curvy because then people would think I was obese. I put curvy. Since when does curvy mean quite heavy?

    One guy refused to exchange any emails or instant messages what so ever, not even one exchange. He wanted to meet immediately or have no more contact at all. Maybe it was because he had been duped by women pretending to be physically something they’re not and didn’t want to wast time writing to someone who might be a troll. But I need to know you’re not a creep before I meet you…

    The other guy, after I did some online research, I found out was a little bit fatter and balder, but was lying about his age by 10 years. I was 23 so I said the max age I was interested in was 35. He said he was 40. He was 50.

    After those two I immediately deleted my profile.


    By the way men lie about their height ALL the time! Even to your face. I know this because I am 5′ 9″. Sure I am. Been measured plenty at the doctors, by myself, it’s a fact, indisputable.

    I don’t think that’s even that tall.

    90% of the time men lie through their teeth to my face, standing in front of me. Men shorter than me will claim to be 6 feet. Or they will accuse me of being 6 feet, or even taller. And they get so angry and touchy when I tell them how tall I am. They accuse me of lying. And they are always always the one to start it!! (By asking me my height).

    They will accuse me of wearing high heels, even when I am wearing flats with sole’s 1/4 an inch thick, I’ve even been barefoot several times and had this accusation. You’d think this would be easy to argue but men will often yell over me while I am saying, showing, and pointing to my bare feet, or flip flops. They will yell “Yeah right you’re lying, those shoes add at least 3 inches.”

    Guys of average height are the most touchy and weird and argumentative about it.

  • HaveFun said:

    I read all of these comments and actually everyone has collectively hit the nail on the head. I’m currently doing the whole on-line dating scene and it’s both good and bad. I’m a decent looking 43 year old guy with an athletic body and actually am exactly 6’00
    ‘, 180# and fit. It’s all but impossible to meet a hot female on line. It’s easy to meet a lot of very nice women, but to meet a hottie is just about out of the question. The younger, fit women think I’m too old, and the women my own age are too old for me to consider. In either case, the women are all 35-50 pounds overweight! I lived at the beach in Florida for the past 20 years so it was easy to know what you’re getting when meeting a woman in a bikini at a beach bar…I’m living up north now and can’t believe all the fat women that live here. I think the funniest thing are the woman who disguise their fat with the cute tag lines like “curvy in all the right places”…I thought that meant a nice rack and maybe a J-Lo butt, but not “curvy” everywhere!!!

  • troybal said:

    Back in 2006-2007 I was doing online dating and had about 15 dates with women, every single one of them had issues with their profile. Either they had a glamour shot with photoshop done, or they gained weight, or where older then listed, or flat out was not them in the picture at all. Other items, they stated they liked something (like Football) but yet knew nothing about the game! lol Anyway, I think this works both ways. I never lied, there was no reason too, and when I posted my pic I would include the date in the picture so they knew it was recent and not from 9 years ago….

  • Roger Oster said:

    I (male)did online dating once, for a couple of months. Every woman I “chatted” with was “kinda” honest, as was I. I married one of them (at age 56), and we stayed together until her death 3 1/2 years later (cancer). I don’t date now, but think that people whining about “liars” are people way too interested in the shallow parts of their prospective dates. Just a thought.

  • Cheryl said:

    Well, as an online dating veteran, I can truly say that no matter what age, height, weight, or status men OR women claim to be, ONE of those things will be either embellished, downplayed, or lied about. As men age, they seem to expect that women won’t, or they want a 30 year old woman when they themselves are 60+ (yes, it happens….trust me!) Not sure why this is, but it sure seems to be true. Women are just as much to blame with the weight issue. I think part of the problem with this is that the sites don’t allow for someone who is more than “a few extra pounds” but less than “thick” or “large”…we do exist!!! Guys, if you’re 5’8″ SAY SO…don’t wait til you meet a woman to rush out and buy boots with 2″ heels and try and pass for 5’10″….Gals, if you’re 200 pounds and 5’4″, SAY SO….nothing worse than having to watch someone’s face contort into a smile, when they’re really thinking…YIKES!! Be honest, be yourself.

  • Dave said:

    In my experience i have come to understand and except that 99% of women will always go for the taller guy. It’s just in their nature to want a taller guy. There is only 1% of the women out there that will give a short guy a shot and even then the guy will have to work twice as hard as the taller guy would. I’ve been on match.com and I completely told the truth about my height (5’4″) and guess what….. out of at least 40 responses that I maade to women’s profile I only got 2 responses. I suspect my height had something to do with the lack of responses.

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